Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Universal Rejection of Bush

By Nestor Núñez

While the streets of hundreds of cities in the world, including the United States, were jammed packed by people demanding an end to Washington's invasion of Iraq, started four years ago, Defence Secretary Roberto Gates, proclaimed that Washington will remain in the region for "several decades".

He could not have produced a bigger political paradox. Nevertheless, while the imperial arrogance continues to flow, no one can question such incongruity. And its not that those 'Made in the USA' people are dumb. Gates clearly admitted that the US administration are facing severe difficulties in Iraq, but despite all, the priority of the energy interests and the industrial military complex that maintains the government with someone like George W. Bush, the personified synthesis of brutality, hypocrisy and the most ridiculous mysticism, is evident.

Each day there are more and more in the world who do not accept the imperial codes. Common sense does not agree with or approve of the massacre of over 650,000 Iraqis in the name of justifications like the war against terrorism or to stop the proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction which, it must be said, never existed.

This number, according to figures calculated by the La Prensa newspaper of New York, reveal that to date one out of every forty Iraqis has died due to the White House war of aggression.

Equally, Iraq has become a bloodbath for the occupation force itself which has lost over 3,000 soldiers, according to official reports, although independent sources report four times that figure. Of course, these casualties do not come from the families of those that are sending the armed forces, but from those sectors that lack resources, including immigrants who see the armed forces as a chance for legalizing their status in the racist and excluding US society.

There are many testimonies, like the documentary on Arlington West, a kind of symbolic military cemetery created on the beaches of California, where people from all over the US come to pay tribute to the dead in Iraq or simply to look for a coherent explanation of the significance of the destructive war adventure which was started by the ultra conservative group occupying the Oval Office.


This is part of a foreign policy simulation. The events described may not actually be happening.