Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spanish Organizations Denounce Anti-Cuba Actions in Europe

Havana, March 20 (ACN) The Communist Party of the Spanish Peoples (PCPE) and its youth division (CJC) denounced the anti-Cuba actions unleashed by the government of the Czech Republic in the context of European Union.

Carmelo Suarez and Enma Esplá, general secretaries of the communist organizations handed over to the Spanish Foreign Ministry a note urging the government not to support the actions against the Caribbean island, PL reported.

The document denounces that the anti-Cuba action is a political maneuver aimed at interfering with the internal affairs of a sovereign country, Cuba in this case.

The objective of such a maneuver is to give continuity and update the so-called common European position towards Cuba, approved by the Jose Maria Aznar government, the document reads. It also denounces that such a strategy is a vulgar copy of US anti-Cuba plans to again turn the island into a US protectorate.

The organizations said that the Spanish government must not support the initiatives that stipulate aggressive positions in regard to relations among nations, what they called contrary to efforts aimed at boosting international relations based on the respect for sovereignty.

In that respect, both organizations consider it necessary for the European Union to renounce to the so-called common position and to establish relations with the Cuban government in line with the principles of mutual respect.

They also urge Spain not to support, in any ways, anti-Cuba actions promoted by the Czech Republic, in tune with the respect to the right of any country to develop its own political project and society.


This is part of a foreign policy simulation. The events described may not actually be happening.