Friday, March 23, 2007

Statement to the Cuban People

President Raul Castro made the following statement on Cuban State Television only minutes ago:

People of Cuba. I mourn the loss of my brother, not simply because he was my brother but also because he was a great man. My brother may not have created an independent Cuba, but he nevertheless led Cuba to independence. Only under Fidel Castro was Cuba able to escape the tyrannical domination of the United States. The Yankees, of course, hated him for it, and they are now jubilant at his passing. Even now, Miami Cuban hatch plans to invade our shores. But we will stand firm; we will defend our shores from naked Yankee imperialism, and reassert our independence. We will protect our Revolution not only from foreign foes but from domestic. Enemies of the Revolution, enemies of Cuba, lurk even in Havana, and even in some of our government ministries. I swear to you that they will be rooted out before they can collaborate with foreigners and steal away with our independence. At this moment all of Cuba wishes to mourn; I understand this as well as anyone. But we must be strong, for the Yankees and the counter-revolutionaries sense that this is their opportunity, their chance to destroy the Revolution and render Cuba subservient once again. Have no doubt that we shall be strong.

Viva Cuba!

Viva la Revolucion!

Viva Fidel!


This is part of a foreign policy simulation. The events described may not actually be happening.