Saturday, March 24, 2007

Counter-Revolutionary Agitators Arrested

Crowds of pro-American agitators were quickly dispersed tonight by police and by groups of loyal Cubans. Elements of the Revolutionary Armed Forces have been instructed to keep order and protect the lives of Cuban citizens in Havana and other cities from these agitators, who are suspected to have connections with foreign powers. Reports from the international press regarding demonstrations in Havana and Santiago de Cuba are overblown and laced with falsehood.

Executive Secretary Carlos Lage Davila has temporarily stepped down from his post in order to reaffirm his loyalty to the Cuban state and the Cuban people. "I believe that the international media, no doubt supported by the United States, is attempting to drive a wedge between myself and President Castro. I will not allow this to happen," said Mr. Davila.


This is part of a foreign policy simulation. The events described may not actually be happening.