Saturday, March 24, 2007

Acting President Raul Castro Boards Plane for Caracas

Minutes ago, Acting President Raul Castro boarded a plane bound for Caracas, Venezuela. Acting President Castro is said to be taking an extended vacation to mourn the death of his brother. Acting President Castro turned his duties over to General Abelardo Colomé Ibarra, who announced that the funeral for President Fidel Castro would be held in Havana in two days time.

USS Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy Sinking After Collision

The United States aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy has collided with a support vessel and is sinking, according to media reports. It is ironic that the tool of oppression that the Americans would choose to use against Cuba would be named after the first American President to attempt to invade the island and overthrow our rebellion. It is almost poetic that the carrier named after President Kennedy would be destroyed in this operation.

Weapons Seized from Captured Craft

Cuban naval forces have seized a small vessel holding an immense cache of weapons off the Cuban coast. We can only assume that these weapons are intended for distribution to the so-called "Freedom Flotilla" or to anti-Cuban agitators already on the island.

Invaders Approach Cuban Shore, Sunk by Cuban Air Force

Several boats, apparently lead elements of an invasion flotilla sponsored by the United States government, appeared off the Cuban coast and were attacked by Cuban Air Force jets. Our jets made short work of the invading boats, sinking one and chasing off two others.

Armed Invaders Will be Shot, Unarmed Invaders Arrested

General Abelardo Colomé Ibarra, also a Central Committee member, announced this morning that the Revolutionary Armed Forces would resist any invasion from the United States, regardless of its composition. "Unarmed invaders will be arrested," said General Colome, "while armed invaders will be shot." General Colome added that, if the United States could build a wall separating itself from the rest of America, Cuba must certainly be expected to defends its shores.

Counter-Revolutionary Agitators Arrested

Crowds of pro-American agitators were quickly dispersed tonight by police and by groups of loyal Cubans. Elements of the Revolutionary Armed Forces have been instructed to keep order and protect the lives of Cuban citizens in Havana and other cities from these agitators, who are suspected to have connections with foreign powers. Reports from the international press regarding demonstrations in Havana and Santiago de Cuba are overblown and laced with falsehood.

Executive Secretary Carlos Lage Davila has temporarily stepped down from his post in order to reaffirm his loyalty to the Cuban state and the Cuban people. "I believe that the international media, no doubt supported by the United States, is attempting to drive a wedge between myself and President Castro. I will not allow this to happen," said Mr. Davila.

Friday, March 23, 2007

US Sponsors Exile Invasion of Cuba

President Castro calls upon President George W. Bush to denounce the planned invasion of Cuba from the Florida Coast by a group of exiles. President Castro noted, however, that he does not expected a known war criminal like President Bush to act in accordance with the principles of justice or morality, and stated that the Cuban people would resist the invasion on the beaches.

Yankees Make Fools of Selves at OAS Meeting

Just as President Raul Castro was speaking live to the nation about the future of Cuba, the American ambassador to the Organization of American States declared that "President Raul Castro had died." Perhaps President Bush should award his ambassador the Presidential Medal of Freedom...

Statement to the Cuban People

President Raul Castro made the following statement on Cuban State Television only minutes ago:

People of Cuba. I mourn the loss of my brother, not simply because he was my brother but also because he was a great man. My brother may not have created an independent Cuba, but he nevertheless led Cuba to independence. Only under Fidel Castro was Cuba able to escape the tyrannical domination of the United States. The Yankees, of course, hated him for it, and they are now jubilant at his passing. Even now, Miami Cuban hatch plans to invade our shores. But we will stand firm; we will defend our shores from naked Yankee imperialism, and reassert our independence. We will protect our Revolution not only from foreign foes but from domestic. Enemies of the Revolution, enemies of Cuba, lurk even in Havana, and even in some of our government ministries. I swear to you that they will be rooted out before they can collaborate with foreigners and steal away with our independence. At this moment all of Cuba wishes to mourn; I understand this as well as anyone. But we must be strong, for the Yankees and the counter-revolutionaries sense that this is their opportunity, their chance to destroy the Revolution and render Cuba subservient once again. Have no doubt that we shall be strong.

Viva Cuba!

Viva la Revolucion!

Viva Fidel!

Reports of Protests Are Vile American Lies

An official from the Interior Ministry released the following statement late this afternoon: "The Cuban people remain in deep mourning after the passing of President Fidel Castro. Reports of unpatriotic protests should be considered nothing more than vile Yankee fabrications. The Cuban people remain united behind the socialist government of the Republic of Cuba."

Iran: Condolences on the Passing of President Fidel Castro

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has expressed his deepest sympathies for the Cuban people in the wake of President Fidel Castro's death. President Ahmadinejad also urged the people of Latin American to take up the mantle of President Castro and resist American imperialism by all necessary means.

Revolutionary Armed Forces Placed on Alert

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba have been placed on alert to guard against possible infiltration or other aggressive action on the part of the United States or US-sponsored groups. Cuban citizens are advised to be on guard, and to remain in or near their homes.

European Union Expresses Condolences

Jose Barroso, President of the EU Commission, conveyed his condolences to the family of Fidel Castro and the Cuban people. He further stated that the time is ripe for the Cubans to freely express their leadership preferences without outside interference.

Mbeki: Castro "Beacon of Human Freedom and Dignity"

President Thabo Mbeki lauded late President Fidel Castro as a "beacon of human freedom and dignity" today in South Africa, and promised to fly to Cuba in order to attend the funeral at the first practical opportunity.

Statement Delayed

A statement by Acting President Raul Castro scheduled for 2pm this afternoon will be delayed, said an Interior Ministry offical.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero: Spain Mourns the Passing of a Great Latin American Leader

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain expressed the condolences of the Spanish people on the death of President Fidel Castro of Cuba. Zapatero said he "is confident that the people of Cuba have the strength to endure this tragedy".

President Fidel Castro, July 18, 1983 Radio Message

"Our peoples are united by a historic friendship and brotherhood. We
have suffered in our own flesh the same exploitation. The victories of the
Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions made it possible for our peoples to
reunite and strengthen that brotherhood."

President Castro, August 2, 1980, on Cuban-Mexican Friendship

In the first place, I want to thank you all for devoting this beautiful
Saturday afternoon to the solidarity and friendship between Mexico and
Cuba. President Jose Lopez Portillo and the Mexican delegation
mere the object of what we would call an enthusiastic, joyful, glorious
welcome in our capital. Why? As someone has said, because they
deserve it. The people of Mexico deserve it and their president
deserves it. As regards Mexico, there is a tradition of history
and friendship unparalleled in Latin America. [applause]

Our struggles have been closely linked to the struggles and the history of
Mexico. During the independence wars, Cuban patriots had a friend in the
Mexican people and a home in the neighbor country. Our national hero, Jose
Marti, lived there for a time. His revolutionary and American
vision was enriched there. Marti dearly loved Mexico, a love that he took
with him to the grave.

After the establishment of the mediatized republic, Cuban revolutionary
generations also had close ties with Mexico. We can recall, among others,
Mella, who, when he could not remain in our fatherland, went to Mexico.
Let us recall our own generation which also found hospitality
and asylun there. Mexican policy and the sympathies of Latin American
nations toward Mexico became such a tradition that from early times to the
present there has hardly been any Latin American revolutionary who has not
felt it practically his right to receive Mexican hospitality,
because they see it as the common heritage of the progressive and
revolutionary movement. They see it practically as a right.

Where could we have been able to organize if Mexico had not existed? We
organized there. We set out from there.

But our strong feelings of friendship and affection for Mexico are not only
based on past history but also on present history. Following the
triumph of the revolution, in those difficult years, in those first days of
happiness, who could forget that one of our first illustrious visitors was
Gen Lazaro Cardenas? We also recall that right during the
mercenary invasion of Giron in 1961, Lazaro Cardenas volunteered to come
and fight alongside our people.

In the difficult early days when the whole imperialist conspiracy against
Cuba came into being, the attempt to isolate Cuba--and not only to isolate
it but to destroy the revolution--Mexico was the only state that did not
break relations with Cuba and it strongly opposed all aggressive
accords against Cuba. And for many years, the only country in this
hemisphere--or at least the only country in Latin America and the
Caribbean, since we have to include Canada among the countries that did not
break relations with us--I repeat, the only country in our area that we
Cubans could visit was Mexico in the most difficult days of
isolation and blockade. Things change and they will keep changing, but we
can never forget Mexico's attitude.

President Fidel Castro, Father of the Revolution, Has Passed On

President Fidel Castro, leader of the Revolution and leader of Cuba since 1959, has passed away after suffering several strokes.

President Raul Castro will address the nation at 2pm.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cuban People Express Concern for Health of President Castro

The Cuban people have erupted in spontaneous displays of support of President Castro, following his stroke earlier today. Crowds have gathered around Cuba to show their support of the President, and to wish for his return to good health. Foreign leaders, including President Hu Jintao of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, have also called to express their hopes for a quick recovery.

Cuba Salutes a Leader

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry released the following statement earlier this evening:

The people of the Republic of Cuba heartily applaud the decision of Orlando "Tubby" Smith to leave the University of Kentucky in favor of the University of Minnesota. Cuba believes not only that the state of Minnesota is more fully in line with socialist principles of governance than Kentucky, but also that the proletariat of Minnesota is more likely to fully appreciate the contribution of Orlando "Tubby" Smith than that of Kentucky.

The Foreign Ministry had no official comment on the victory of the bourgeois "Kansas Jayhawks" over the proletarian "Southern Illinois Salukis".

President Castro Suffers Stroke

Havana- President Castro has suffered a stroke, according to an official government spokesman.

Cuba Participates at International Tourism Fair in Moscow

Havana, March 21 (ACN) A Cuban delegation is attending the 14th Moscow International Exhibition "Travels & Tourism" (MIIT) kicking off today in Russia.

The Cuban group, led by First Vice Minister of Tourism Alexis Trujillo, is made up by more than 20 hotel chain directors and tour operators who will meet their Russian counterparts that promote Cuba as a tourist destination or are interested in doing business with the island, reports PL news agency.

According to Cuban Minister of Tourism's representative in Moscow, Carlos Oscar Hernandez, the number of visitors to the island increased by a 34.5 percent last year, while in 2007 Cuba expects to welcome some 30,000 Russian tourists despite the growing competition from other countries in the region.

MITT, which ranks third among tourist fairs around the world, is being attended by over 2,700 companies from 110 countries and several Russian provinces.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spanish Organizations Denounce Anti-Cuba Actions in Europe

Havana, March 20 (ACN) The Communist Party of the Spanish Peoples (PCPE) and its youth division (CJC) denounced the anti-Cuba actions unleashed by the government of the Czech Republic in the context of European Union.

Carmelo Suarez and Enma Esplá, general secretaries of the communist organizations handed over to the Spanish Foreign Ministry a note urging the government not to support the actions against the Caribbean island, PL reported.

The document denounces that the anti-Cuba action is a political maneuver aimed at interfering with the internal affairs of a sovereign country, Cuba in this case.

The objective of such a maneuver is to give continuity and update the so-called common European position towards Cuba, approved by the Jose Maria Aznar government, the document reads. It also denounces that such a strategy is a vulgar copy of US anti-Cuba plans to again turn the island into a US protectorate.

The organizations said that the Spanish government must not support the initiatives that stipulate aggressive positions in regard to relations among nations, what they called contrary to efforts aimed at boosting international relations based on the respect for sovereignty.

In that respect, both organizations consider it necessary for the European Union to renounce to the so-called common position and to establish relations with the Cuban government in line with the principles of mutual respect.

They also urge Spain not to support, in any ways, anti-Cuba actions promoted by the Czech Republic, in tune with the respect to the right of any country to develop its own political project and society.

Universal Rejection of Bush

By Nestor Núñez

While the streets of hundreds of cities in the world, including the United States, were jammed packed by people demanding an end to Washington's invasion of Iraq, started four years ago, Defence Secretary Roberto Gates, proclaimed that Washington will remain in the region for "several decades".

He could not have produced a bigger political paradox. Nevertheless, while the imperial arrogance continues to flow, no one can question such incongruity. And its not that those 'Made in the USA' people are dumb. Gates clearly admitted that the US administration are facing severe difficulties in Iraq, but despite all, the priority of the energy interests and the industrial military complex that maintains the government with someone like George W. Bush, the personified synthesis of brutality, hypocrisy and the most ridiculous mysticism, is evident.

Each day there are more and more in the world who do not accept the imperial codes. Common sense does not agree with or approve of the massacre of over 650,000 Iraqis in the name of justifications like the war against terrorism or to stop the proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction which, it must be said, never existed.

This number, according to figures calculated by the La Prensa newspaper of New York, reveal that to date one out of every forty Iraqis has died due to the White House war of aggression.

Equally, Iraq has become a bloodbath for the occupation force itself which has lost over 3,000 soldiers, according to official reports, although independent sources report four times that figure. Of course, these casualties do not come from the families of those that are sending the armed forces, but from those sectors that lack resources, including immigrants who see the armed forces as a chance for legalizing their status in the racist and excluding US society.

There are many testimonies, like the documentary on Arlington West, a kind of symbolic military cemetery created on the beaches of California, where people from all over the US come to pay tribute to the dead in Iraq or simply to look for a coherent explanation of the significance of the destructive war adventure which was started by the ultra conservative group occupying the Oval Office.


This is part of a foreign policy simulation. The events described may not actually be happening.